Tommy Pavia; CEO and President of 360 Strength Training Systems

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Tommy Pavia. I am a Husband, Father of five awesome children, Teacher, Wrestling Coach, Personal Trainer and Entrepreneur.

Recently, I started a company called 360 Strength Training Systems, LLC.   BUT really it began over 30 years ago…. man that was a long time ago.

Anyway this is my 360 Strength Story.

Over 30 years ago like most kids my age I made an honest effort to become an accomplished athlete.

I got to tell you the road to making it happen wasn’t pretty. At the age of about 9 or 10 my older brother Chris (14 at the time) and my baby sister Teri (6 at the time) had already established themselves as gifted athletes. Yes, my 6 year old sister could play ball and do just about anything athletic as could my brother. My other sister Kim and I were left in the middle to figure out where we belonged among our gifted siblings.

I remember how lost I felt.

Nonetheless, I tried anyway and failed miserably many times. I was raised by a single-mother who did an amazing job raising four children in a basement in NY. 

She is still a World-Class Champion and Hero to me today. Thanks Mom!

So here I was 10 years old completely lost with the self confidence of someone who thought... 

“Man, I really suck!”

It might sound a little melodramatic but it’s the truth!  At that time I knew I had to continue to try and become the accomplished athlete I dreamed of.

Although things got better, I was still this skinny kid from Long Island, New York who was a “not-so-confidant wanna-be athlete!”

I eventually joined the Wrestling Team in Middle School and what happened next may not surprise you. I failed at that too! I only wrestled 3 matches in 7th grade and got pinned every single match. If you’re not a wrestler let’s just say that getting pinned is about the worse thing that can happen to you.

I thought, I pretty much sucked at everything.

Nevertheless, my coach convinced me with a single phrase of sincere belief that I could do it!  I remember it so clearly – It was a defining moment. I said to myself – “If he believes I can do it – I will!”

That 8th grade year I lost one match and by one point. 

That was a great turning point in my life and it boils down to the fact that I became successful (finally) because someone truly believed in me!

At that time in my life I wanted so bad to be recognized. I knew that accomplishments and achievements would come but I wanted it NOW!   Can you relate?

I remember dreaming about it for most of the day.

Soon I came to the realization that no one could touch three things that I had control over and I mean no one. They were my Attitude, My Work Ethic and the Way that I Think.

As a result, I became “transformed” in understanding what I needed to do to “Get After It!”

So I trained!

I worked out!

I don’t mean once in awhile, I mean all the time!

Everything I did became a workout!

Although we had intense hard core workouts during my high school years in wrestling it still wasn’t enough. It was then that I took training to a whole new level.

One Exercise physically transformed my body and raised my confidence to new levels I never experienced.

I call it the “Ultimate Exercise” and it’s the “Push-up!”

It was this exercise that became the foundation of my training and many years later would lead me down the road to research Core Strength Training and what eventually became the 360 Strength Trainer!

"I wanted to create something that would give athletes, and people an "added edge" in competition, performance and life in general."

I knew that if I could create something that drastically Improved Core Strength, I would've achieved that goal and provided the edge for every athlete and fitness enthusiast on the planet!

Finally, through diligent research, a powerful vision and a great team - I created the 360 Strength Trainer!   An Elite Core Strength Training System and device! I really believe YOU are going to love the 360 Strength Trainer but I’ll let you make that decision.

MORE than anything my team and I want you to know that WE totally believe in the pursuit of excellence and individual Dreams.  So much so, that we created this company so we could authentically help people “Crush their Goals!” The only question I have is...

Are YOU Ready?

Always the BEST - Thank You,

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