360 Strength Training Systems


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Definitely Intense! I’m all about Resistance Training and I love the Band Attachments.
— MMA Coach & Personal Trainer

Are YOU Ready?


The 360 Strength Trainer

The most versatile, effective, complete, core development and full body training system on the planet! Are YOU ready?

The mission of 360 Strength Training Systems is to provide the most innovative and effective fitness equipment and programming for high level athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who want to transform themselves from average to extra-ordinary.

Our goal is to develop a brand in the fitness industry that disrupts the norm through innovative products, ongoing education, and engaging workout for all.

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The Long BAr

Each Long Bar is approximately 25 lbs. created for super versatility in every workout. The heavy duty design enables all fitness levels to enjoy diverse programming options.


The Short Bar

Each Short Bar is approximately 15 lbs.Highly Engineered, designed and created for extreme training demands that allows for easy and fun use for people of all fitness level.


The BAnds

They are the secret sauce that makes using the 360 strength trainer so versatile.  It gives every individual the option to increase intensity while simultaneously creating a foundation of stability for  each exercise.

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Whether you are a beginner driving towards a fitness goal or professional athlete looking for that little extra on the field, mat, or court, The 360 Strength Training System was designed with you in mind.

Uses by high school, college and ,professional team strength coaches, the 360 trainer allows the coach to program individual programs from hard core strength training to rehabilitation

Ready to take your training to the next level? you’ve come to the right place. The 360 trainer and workout videos that our expert team have created will provide all you need at home to meet all your fitness goals