“I am very impressed with the 360 Strength Trainer.  It’s a very versatile mode for developing core strength/stability and joint stability.
  -Clinical Exercise Specialist
“I love the use of elastic bands as it connects the nervous system with every exercise and helps to increase flexibility and strength while doing a dynamic movement.”

-Yoga & Pilates Instructor



“Great for taking your Fitness to the Next Level and changing from the same routines.  It will definitely get you out of any plateaus you may be experiencing. I love it.

-Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Model 



“Very ideal for the development of Core Strength.  The bar connected to the Sled is brilliant and I love how easy it is to use!  I am extremely impressed with the product and think there is a strong place for it in the market.”

-Division I Athlete



“I utilized the 360 Strength Trainer to get me in shape for my daughter’s wedding.  I have never used a piece of equipment that worked like the 360 Strength Trainer. I Lost 30lbs. and gained more muscle in three months than ever before. Truly Awesome Equipment!”

-Father of the Bride




“At some point in about, your Core Strength will be tested.  The 360 Strength Trainer is a Great Product for vastly improving all areas of your Core.  It also tests the user's balance and coordination which is amazing.”

-International Ring Announcer




“Ingenious!  Tremendous in the simplicity of the design but so complex in the scope of the workouts.  Absolutely Fantastic!”

-Exercise Science Specialist



“It’s versatile – I could change up things real quick.  I feel like I can get a great beach body with it!”

-Top Trainer and Coach



“The 360 Strength Trainer is an Amazing piece of equipment to develop quality synergy of back and core muscle groups, which is really important in the physical preparation of athletes.”  

-Wellness Consultant



“I feel the 360 Strength Trainer would be a great addition to an established functional training program.  The versatility of this training solution lends itself to many different opportunities. It’s quality Core Training is key to success in any sport.”  

-Head Wrestling Coach

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